Monochrome Signs

A Watchfire 19mm monochrome display is an affordable option for businesses and organizations that are looking to replace changeable copy boards.

They are also a great option for businesses that must adhere to local zoning ordinances restricting LED displays to text or a single color.

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Specifications 19mm Monochrome
Pixel Pitch 19.05mm True Pixel, 1R or 1A
Ideal Viewing Range 60’ or greater
Character Height 5” or larger
Available Colors Bright Red or Bold Amber
On-Demand Diagnostics Included
Module Dimensions 12” x 12”
Video Frame Rate Up to 30 frames/second

Watchfire LED sign products are UL 48 & CUL 48 listed, FCC compliant and UL Energy Efficiency Certified.

South Metro Ministries’ monument sign was almost unnoticeable before we updated with a new sign and Watchfire EMC. Now, there is no way of missing the sign due to the amazing visibility and brightness of the Watchfire display.

Jacob Wolfe; A Sign Group, Inc.

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