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  • Digital Signs Aren’t Just for Pro-level Sports Anymore

    Ithica High School uses a Watchfire video display for football and soccer.

    More sports fans are embracing digital signs in stadiums and gyms. Over the past few years, even colleges and high schools have transitioned to digital signs to enhance their sports venues. Here are a few ways our dealer partners have implemented digital signs in live event applications.

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  • How to Set Digital Billboard Rates

    Over the past year I've talked with operators around the country who are actively developing digital billboards. Nationwide, a frequent topic of conversation revolves around setting rates. Those new to digital outdoor, whether they have experience with static billboard faces or not, seem to struggle with how to price their digital space.

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  • The Importance of Color in Digital Signage

    How important is color in advertising? So important that different color forecasting and research companies, such as Pantone, predict the coming year’s most popular colors. These prediction services are popular since they help companies improve their products and image. For example, color can affect how companies design their ads and can make product packaging more current and more enticing.

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  • Electronic Message Centers as an Investment in Advertising

    Watchfire Signs Sales Manager Barry Pearman recently published a blog post at Digital Signage Today about the effectiveness of electronic signs when compared with other forms of advertising. His advice: Don't overlook one of the most efficient and powerful marketing tools available. Electronic message centers can deliver results as well, or better, than traditional forms of advertising. Meanwhile, other forms of advertising are struggling:

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  • For Key Ads Watchfire was Obvious Choice for Digital Billboards

    After 57 years in the business, Key-Ads had plenty of experience supporting local businesses with traditional outdoor advertising. While attending a 2009 signage conference, Nick Keyes, Jr. noticed digital billboards on display. Though they were eye-catching, he wondered how advertisers would respond to them. "We were concerned about cannibalizing our traditional static billboards when we went digital," said Keyes, Jr.

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