Digital Signage Helps Retail Businesses Set a New Trend

Many business segments in the retail sector have adopted digital signage to better communicate with customers and increase sales. Here's a look at some of the latest trends:

Quick service and fast-casual restaurants are diversifying their offerings to meet consumer demand, according to QSR Insights. New versions of regional American cuisine are especially popular.

With a Watchfire sign, restaurants can create messages instantly to promote new products that customers may not know about. An LED sign can help to advertise an extensive menu, especially for trendy items like local food, southern dishes and gourmet meals.

Convenience stores are known for their skill at encouraging impulse buys, and digital signage provides an ideal method for boosting add-on sales. The NACS State of the Industry Summit, published in the June 2012 NACS issue, revealed that candy and prepared food, such as sandwiches, are big sellers. Candy is an especially popular impulse buy.

Ignite OP with EasyArt has plenty of images to choose from so c-store owners can create messages that feature best-sellers, whether they are deli products or impulse purchases.

Auto dealerships have long known the power of relationship-based sales and networking. Shrinking audiences in traditional media make it more important than ever before to attract customers with new and innovative forms of advertising. New and used auto sales stores were among the first industries to embrace outdoor digital signage as a way to draw attention and grow sales.

Many Watchfire sign owners have delivered social network results by using their LED sign to promote their social media campaigns. It’s a great way to appeal to digitally-savvy consumers and boost page views, likes and other online connections.

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