Colleges Keep Their Communities Informed and Educated Using LED Signage

A digital sign is a highly effective method to deliver messages to local communities. No other form of communication offers the same responsiveness to quickly and flexibly inform your audience.

Quickly Communicate
It’s important to notify students, parents, and staff as soon as breaking news occurs. With Watchfire’s Ignite content management software you can easily create new messages, change the schedule, and make updates in a short time to make sure your campus stays informed.

Community Support
Colleges often seek support from the local community for fundraising events, and signage is a useful way to share information on their efforts. This keeps the surrounding area aware of ongoing projects and how they’re helping others.

Broadcast Weather Warnings
When ice is building up on roads or winds are expecting to reach high levels, campuses can alert students about inclement weather and display reminders to drive safely. If that big snowstorm, messages about canceled classes on signs can refer people to the campus website for more information.

Promote School Events
School spirit is a huge way of engaging the student body. Colleges can promote tomorrow’s basketball game or next week’s symphony orchestra concert to the general public as well as students. With a free library of over 1,000 EasyArt content pieces, your sign will have plenty of cool artwork to choose from to create eye-catching messages.

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