Create Dynamic Content on Your Outdoor LED Sign

It goes without saying that if you’ve made the choice to purchase an LED sign, you intend for your investment to serve as a dynamic messenger for your business. You chose an LED sign because it can get attention with timely and eye-pleasing messages. It is your 24-hour salesman, attracting attention and selling your message. The “round the clock” nature of your sign is all the more reason to tailor your messages for the benefit of your business.

Creating, scheduling and updating varied messages is an easy process with a Watchfire LED sign because these tasks are all handled with Ignite Graphics Software. Ignite comes with an EasyArt library that includes over 1,000 animations, about 80% of which come with corresponding still images. With so many graphics to choose from, you should have no trouble keeping your messages fresh. The program even contains step-by-step wizards to help you along the way. 

As you create your messages, take advantage of the Ignite scheduling feature to daypart them. If you offer products or services that appeal to people at different times of day, dayparting can be an excellent way to deliver your message when those products or services are on the minds of consumers. This can mean advertising hot coffee in the morning, a lunch special at noon, new windshield wipers when it’s raining or an ATM machine after the bank closes at 5.

As with other forms of advertising, how frequently your message displays is also important. A message shown multiple times a day has a better chance of sinking in and creating a response than one that is seen only a few times a week. Paying attention to message frequency will help you promote specials and events more effectively by ensuring that people will see your messages several times.

Your LED sign is often the first “face” to greet your customers, so how your messages look is important. Ignite is so easy to use you will be surprised at the high-quality sign graphics you can create. It’s OK to experiment with different fonts, colors, animations and images, but be sure these elements do not detract from the message. The Ignite design guide can help you learn what font and color combinations make it easier for viewers to read your sign. You may also find it helpful to drive by your business during the day and at night so you can see your messages the way passing traffic sees them.  

We’ve designed Ignite to be intuitive, and to make it easier for you deliver messages that fit the moment, and repeat them enough to encourage action. After all, isn’t it this dynamic capability that peaked your interested in an LED sign to begin with?

If you still haven’t added digital signage to your business plan, learn more about building your business with an LED sign in our free white paper, “5 Ways to Grow Your Business with an LED Sign.”


Get more details about using Ignite to design content for your sign.

Get more details about using Ignite to design content for your sign.