Digital Signs Aren’t Just for Pro-level Sports Anymore

More sports fans are embracing digital signs in stadiums and gyms. Over the past few years, even colleges and high schools have transitioned to digital signs to enhance their sports venues. Here are a few ways our dealer partners have implemented digital signs in live event applications.

Show Replays: Digital signs that are video capable can be used for instant replay. A quality full color LED sign can give fans a chance to see replays while enjoying the atmosphere of a live game.

Display Information: Fans will appreciate digital signage that helps them navigate the stadium, learn about schedule changes and get other information in a glance. Watchfire LED signs use Ignite® Graphics Software, which makes it easy to change messages to promote upcoming events or schedule changes. This Watchfire electronic message center at Washington Nationals Park in Maryland is right above the main box office, a prime location to inform fans.

Stadium Modernization: Older stadiums that need to upgrade facilities should consider digital signs as part of their makeover. A static reader board sign can stick out and downgrade the overall look of a renovation. East-West Stadium in West Virginia installed its LED sign as part of a renovation project. The school district created a sponsorship plan that exchanged funding from sponsors for video ads that are played during sporting events. The fundraising campaign was such a success that the sign not only paid for itself, but drew more attendees to games and increased the number of donations to the renovation effort. Another benefit of modernizing with a digital sign? High school students learn about editing and production by creating ads and running the East-West Stadium sign during games.

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