Display Medal Counts for the Top 5 Countries

Watchfire’s latest free widget allows allow marketers to integrate up-to-the-minute medal counts for the top five countries on their digital billboards and on premise signs.Medal Count Widget - Watchfire Digital Billboard

Use the medal count widget to engage with oncoming traffic and attract attention.

“The winter games are among the biggest media events of the year. We provide templates for this event, and many others, so owners of Watchfire digital billboards can be part of the fun. They draw additional attention to digital billboard and they can be used for sponsorship opportunities. We hope all our customers will make them part of their campaigns this year,” said Darrin Friskney, Vice President at Watchfire Signs.

Winter in South KoreaWatchfire digital billboard owners can download the data feed as well as the artwork files designed for the most common billboard sizes. The files work exclusively with Watchfire Ignite OA, Watchfire’s proprietary content management software.

Watchfire on premise sign owners can download the RSS feed and create their own dynamic message. Each user can decide what part of the feed to use. Options include the top five countries and total medal counts for each, or the first ranked country and their gold, silver and bronze total medal counts.

The medal count widget is designed to make it effortless for Watchfire’s customers to implement dynamic campaigns on their digital billboards and on premise signs.

The widget can be downloaded at: watchfiresigns.com/medals

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