One Message Center Sign, Many Different Audiences

How many different types of consumers can you name? Marketing experts continually research and divide consumers into precise categories so companies can reach them more effectively. New categories pop up all the time, and it can be tough to keep up.

Knowing the shopping preferences of your consumers is one thing, and speaking to those needs is another. This is especially challenging if you are trying to appeal to several different groups at one time. Reaching multiple consumer targets can be tough to do on a budget.

If you want to really appeal to a variety of consumers, consider a Watchfire LED sign. An LED sign can display ads that reach a diverse audience, while micro-targeting the consumers who live or work near your location.

Here are just a few different kinds of shoppers and how to appeal to them.


Message Strategy

Impulse buyer - loves unplanned purchases and discovering unusual items

Advertise leisure items with eye-catching animation

Surgical shopper - shops for specific items only, hates browsing

Display practical items that will save them time

Deal hunter - compares items to save money

Let them know you take coupons or advertise big price cuts

You can meet all their needs with Ignite® graphics software. Our proprietary LED sign software is versatile enough to create and schedule different messages and display them throughout the day. Here are a few ways to use Ignite.

  • Use the scheduling system to quickly set up different ads for different types of consumers
  • Keep messages fresh, attracting interest and bringing in customers
  • Daypart messages to promote all kinds of items at different times of the day
  • Control multiple signs from one computer for consistent messaging 

Every consumer is different, but only an electronic message center is versatile enough to reach them all in one space.

Read more about how owners of one independent convenience store/gas station used their outdoor LED sign exclusively to advertise three promotions - with great success - in this LED sign success story.

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