Manual Reader Boards Cost Time and Money

In a new survey conducted by AAA, it was determined that Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes annually behind the wheel. That’s a lot of time spent on the road driving past on premise signs that advertise goods and services. To maximize their branding and advertising impact, many businesses have been replacing manual reader board signs with newer digital models. There are dozens of solid reasons to do this, but the main factors are cost efficiency and time.

A before and after of Green Mountain Furniture in Ossipee, NH. They upgraded to a 16mm 4'5" x 8'3" Watchfire LED sign.Manual reader boards have been around for long time and were used to advertise and promote businesses and daily or weekly specials to pedestrians and drivers. The problem is that these boards are difficult to update, and can be hard for passing motorists to read. We are living in a digital society that wants quick deals, brand new promotions, and unique messages that are responsive to an ever-changing market place. LED signs make it easy for businesses to update their messages in real-time and reach a wider range of interests by rotating several messages.

As digital signage becomes a more integrated part of the advertising landscape, local zoning rules are keeping pace. While restrictions on brightness and message hold times differ, many municipalities welcome LED signs. This means it’s easier than ever to acquire an LED sign, and use it as your main source of advertising. No more manually changing letters in all kinds of weather conditions, standing on a ladder or operating a long, unwieldy pole, or worrying about dropped letters hitting cars (or employees). Your messages can be scheduled months in advance, or updated within minutes without even stepping outside. With an on-premise digital sign you can update messages as frequently as you want to reflect changes in the market, your inventory or even the weather.

Using a digital sign to promote your business isn’t just easier, but it is also more effective. LED displays are a turn-key advertising tool that you control, while saving thousands of man hours annually. LED signs engage with individuals, are more dynamic and easier to read, can display many messages daily, and allow businesses to focus on promotions.

Technology is changing rapidly every year, and there is no better way to influence consumers when they are in a position to act upon your message than with on-premise digital signage. Contact our team to learn more.

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