Fast Casual and Quick Service Restaurants

Chain restaurants throughout the country from McDonald's to Dunkin' Donuts are adopting digital signage to improve customer experience and increase sales.

The restaurant space is ever-changing, and new technologies like digital signage can have a big impact on your bottom line. As you work to stand out in the crowd, engaging street-side digital signage provides a dynamic and cost effective digital advertising tool for reaching customers near your location who can act on your messages.

From mouth-watering photos to event announcements and specials, you can use a digital sign to display relevant items to passersby. You'll also enhance your brand by presenting a modern appearance and incorporating social media. Digital signage allows you to easily schedule messages by daypart to boost sales and increase profits.

Watchfire's exclusive sign management software makes it easy to centrally control messages for multiple locations with corporate-approved custom artwork, and over 1000 additional pieces of free sign content in our EasyArt library. Use a digital sign to match specials and promotions advertised on TV and radio for maximum impact and seamless branding.

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“Our Watchfire sign lets us advertise daily specials and frozen custard flavors in a way that catches the attention of cars passing by. We can schedule messages months in advance or make changes at the last minute. It’s advertising that works for us....”
  • — Angela Kelly
  • General Manager, Culver's

Fast Casual and Quick Service Restaurants Case Study Highlights

"One of the great things about a Watchfire sign is you can change the messages easily, and it works immediately."

For nearly 70 years, Dairy Queen® has been an icon in the American fast food landscape. But in a crowded fast food market, an impressive legacy doesn't guarantee great sales. Franchisee Bill Marble needed to reconnect with the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio community. Although his restaurant is located on a busy thoroughfare, his old fashioned letterboard sign wasn't making an impact on drivers. After conducting some research, Marble decided to invest in an LED sign manufactured by Watchfire.

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