Boost Gen Z Retail Sales with Video Displays from Watchfire Signs

Generation Z, made up of people born between 1995 to 2010, has experienced an increase in buying power in today’s marketplace. Gen Z accounts for one quarter of the North American population and 40% of the consumer market, and are on trend to spend $143 billion in the United States and $50 billion in Canada. Successfully marketing to Generation Z shoppers, starts by understanding their relationship with technology, so many retail locations like boutiques, convenience stores and shopping centers are installing large-format, interior LED displays. Video walls by Watchfire can help capture the tremendous buying power of this media-hungry generation.

Understand Digital Natives
Gen Z consumers are digital natives. They don’t know a world without the Internet, smartphones or streaming TV. Despite that, the National Retail Federation reports that 67% of Gen Z prefer to shop in store, rather than online. They want to support brick-and-motor businesses, but still expect the digital experiences and expertise they have had all their lives. Video walls at retail locations help meet that expectation.

Understand Digital Signage
Indoor LED displays by Watchfire offer vibrant color and 4K capabilities that Gen Z gravitates towards naturally. These displays look great in any lighting environment, whether it’s the cool, fluorescent lights of a convenience store, in the center of a mall with warmer light or near the floor to ceiling windows of a shopping plaza store front. Watchfire displays are bezel free, presenting a seamless appearance that can be installed in many sizes to attract shoppers.

Beyond basic technology, there are content strategies that can be used to connect with consumers this demographic.

Create Micro Videos
The average attention span for Gen Z is only 8 seconds. Create videos that are 20 seconds or less. Short-form videos let you get to the point, without the cost of producing lengthy content. Keep your messaging concise, creative and memorable.

Be Timely
Frequency is key to successful short-form videos and rotating messages. Display content regularly to reach the right viewer at the right time. Watchfire’s Ignite OPx software lets you can schedule content and create smart playlists months in advance or at the last minute. Ignite OPx also includes enhanced reporting for co-op dollars and other revenue programs.

Reverse Showrooming
Showrooming is the practice of examining merchandise in a store and then buying it online. Showrooming often starts with a consumer searching for reviews. Take charge. Display reviews on your digital sign. Adding a phrase like “5 Stars on Amazon” can reverse showrooming and encourage in-store purchases. Ignite OPx software makes it easy to simultaneously update multiple store locations with the latest reviews, unboxing videos and product demonstrations.

Choose Influencers
This age group is receptive to influencer marketing. According to Google, 70% of teen YouTube subscribers believe YouTube influencers are more relatable than traditional celebrities. Video testimonials from influencers add credibility, bring in loyal audiences and can outperform traditional brand content.

Go Viral
Viral videos can garner millions of views in just days. Armed with a smartphone and a social media platform, Gen Zers can help make your videoboard content go viral, but only if the LED’s refresh rate is fast enough. The rapid refresh rates of  Watchfire interior displays prevent flickering effects when recording videos on a smartphone.

Generation Z is a buying powerhouse worthy of your marketing dollars. Watchfire’s technology is here to help you connect with this influential group and get the greatest return on your investment.


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