Digital Billboards Help Auto Dealerships Standout from the Crowd

Digital billboard showing a car dealership adWatchfire routinely shares sales tips with our billboard partners that are specifically designed to help them efficiently increase revenue on their digital boards. We have accumulated more than 150 tips covering over 120 industries and businesses. These include specific suggestions on whom to contact and how to get your foot in the door. Each tip comes with at least 30 examples of creative use in previous campaigns for different industries that can be shared with prospective clients.

When receiving feedback from billboard operators, many indicate that they use creative suggestions from our sales tips to help set appointments with prospective clients. Asking, “Would you like to see what your competition is doing?” opens a lot of doors. You’ll find that simply offering to show a business owner pictures of ads used by similar businesses can help get your foot in the door for a presentation. We have tips that also address businesses eligible to receive co-op dollars for advertising expenses.

Here are a few sample tips specifically for automotive dealerships:

It’s that time of year again when every automobile dealership is running specials. Many dealerships run specials all year: sales and promotions around Memorial Day, Independence Day, New Years, Model Year End, Mother’s Day, Back-to-School, Groundhog Day and income tax refunds. There is always some kind of special sale happening.

Are you helping the auto dealerships in your area with their advertising campaigns? Here are some unique ways your digital billboards can achieve what they can’t from advertising with television, radio, cable, or print:

1.  A digital board is big and beautiful, and runs 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. It’s an eye magnet.

2.  When people drive by your digital billboard, they see it. Unlike advertisements on television, radio, and cable that can be ignored by changing channels or hitting fast forward.

3.  There are no lengthy and expensive production costs. Ads can be created quickly and updated easily. Television, radio, and print ads take days to produce and in today’s fast-paced marketing climate, may be out-of-date before they even run the first time.

4.  Any advertiser can make near-instant updates to digital billboard ads. Weather related changes, inventory shifts, or last-minute promotions can be easily addressed. That kind of responsiveness is impossible with radio, television, and print ads.

5.  You can create advertiser accounts that give your advertisers the power to update ads whenever necessary.

What is an Advertiser Account?

For billboard operators using Watchfire’s Ignite OA, setting up an advertiser account is easy. An advertiser account gives your advertisers access to the software. They can view or edit campaigns, upload media, access the dynamic, conditional editor, and view customized proof of performance (POP) reports.

While the advertiser account has many features, it was designed with privacy and security in mind. The advertiser’s access is restricted to only their account. They cannot view any information unless you grant approval. In addition to the restricted view, they cannot publish changes without your moderated agreement. This allows you to remain in control of what displays on your Watchfire assets without worry!

Here’s how to help a car dealership can use this feature:

1.  Create an advertiser account for the dealership’s content manager.

2.  Show the user how to modify ads by dropping pictures and/or text into a template (e.g. pictures of the “Deal of the Day” that update at midnight, new inventory as it is received, or happy customers in front of their newly purchased car).

At Watchfire, we want you to have the best-looking, most reliable digital billboards available, and after the sale, we want your advertising customers to see how digital is the most cost-effective, responsive method to market their products and services. Contact us today to learn more about putting Watchfire to work for your outdoor advertising business.

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