One of a Kind Digital Billboards Pay Off

Watchfire can build any size display with modules that measure one foot by one foot, so the creative options are almost limitless. For digital billboard operators who seek more creative designs, our engineers and fabricators can help make unique ideas realized. Some of our current billboard partners have already incorporated unique digital billboard sizes and designs.

Advertisers want their messages to stand out and captivate consumers. Savvy billboard operators who sell space on digital billboards help ad buyers maximize their impressions, but it isn’t always about the content running on the boards. A digital billboard’s orientation and size can have tremendous impact on making advertisements pop.

We’ve manufactured trapezoids, letters, curves, and miters; if you can dream it, we can design and build it. Traditional 14’ x 48’ digital boards are always going to be plentiful and offer great ROI but to get an edge on your competition, try installing a uniquely designed billboard to attract attention and become a landmark.

One-of-a-kind digital billboards are worth considering wherever you are located. Creating fresh, eye-catching content designed specifically for a unique display will reel in prospects. Make an impression that generates interest, is shared on social media, and brings customers to your business.

Watchfire spoke with a billboard customer who owns a 16mm 12’ x 36’ curved digital billboard located in San Juan, PR. Lourdes Yanguas, president of Marey Heater Corp., said, “The bigger and the more unique the board, the more it impacts the attention. This unique billboard has given our brand much more presence in the market, and sales on our premises have increased as well. We are extremely satisfied with our investment.”

At Watchfire we design digital billboards that give you the most visually stunning displays available with the ultimate competitive advantage. It’s a difference you can see and, more importantly, a difference your advertisers can’t ignore.

“Watchfire has definitely given me the competitive edge in the marketplace,” said Rodrigo Lopez, general manager with GoDigital Media Group.

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