Running Your Billboard Business

We are committed to partnering with out of home operators just like you, to help you grow your business. This is just one of the reasons why Watchfire has more customers than any other digital billboard manufacturer.

Every Watchfire digital billboard has been engineered with you and your advertisers in mind. We give you the tools to build revenue by providing a stunning and durable billboard with the industry’s best software. When you work with Watchfire, you can spend more time building your business and less time managing content.

Advertiser-friendly features are built in to our industry-best Ignite software. Use conditional content to display real-time dynamic content at a moment’s notice. Watchfire billboards have received attention for being used to display tweets, Instagram posts, live sports scores, current weather conditions and many other types of data feeds – all in real time. Our dynamic media tools in Ignite make it easy to create advertising campaigns that engage the community. This is the future of digital advertising. If your advertisers aren’t already demanding it, they will soon.

Watchfire has an exclusive partnership with Blip Billboards to make acquiring advertisers easier. The Watchfire Advertising Plan gives operators of digital billboards the opportunity to take advantage of pre-sold advertising that offsets the cost of a new Watchfire display. Billboard operators simply opt-in when placing their order by contracting one slot on their new board as part of the program. As an example, a billboard location with a daily effective circulation of 50,000 that accepts a three-year contract would get a nearly $20,000 reduction in the cost of a new Watchfire digital billboard, regardless of the billboard’s size.

Watchfire is also the only manufacturer to offer a complete billboard business solution. Only Ignite puts the power of supply and demand at your fingertips and provides a revolutionary way to manage your inventory, generate sales proposals and automate tasks. You won't find a more robust feature set designed exclusively to manage your billboard operation.

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“Watchfire was a true partner throughout this process. The Ignite cloud-based software is essential to our operation.  From scheduling to diagnostics, we need a system that works reliably in a salt-water atmosphere. Without tested durability and clear, color-calibrated graphics, our Splashboards would not have as great an impact....”
  • — Chris Kopecky
  • Co-Owner, Splashboards Media

Running Your Billboard Business Case Study Highlights

"Watchfire's reputation for manufacturing an extremely reliable product was important to us."

Interstate 70 Business at Main Street in Grand Junction, Colo., is the location of the city's first digital billboard, installed by Mile High Outdoor and manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor. The 10' x 30', 19mm digital billboard replaces a static billboard in the same location.

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