Digital Billboard Products

Run your outdoor advertising business with peace of mind when you select the manufacturer who has more billboard customers than any other.

Watchfire billboard products - from our hardware to our software - are designed to help you be more successfulOur MX Class digital billboard features a ground-breaking ten-year uniformity and brightness guarantee, plus an unprecedented ten-year parts and labor warranty. Our MV Class billboards offer a five-year uniformity and brightness guarantee as well as a five year parts warranty. We are committed to developing technology, hardware and software, that ensure a Watchfire digital billboard will live up to these high standards, no matter what your budget. In fact, if our MX or MV Class boards doesn’t measure up, we'll issue you a cash refund.

We are able to do this because of years of product testing and product innovation. Unlike "distributors" or "assemblers" who import all components for assembly, Watchfire conceives, designs and engineers our billboard products from start to finish. We develop our software and test, service and support every product from our Danville, Ill., factory.

Watchfire digital billboards feature richer, crisper, more vibrant images that are the result of starting with single-bin LEDs from the world’s finest manufacturers. Our LEDs are meticulously grouped by batch, color intensity and wavelength, and then your sign is color calibrated to ensure color uniformity on day one and for years to come.

With just two connections per module and no ribbon cables or consumer-grade connectors, our digital billboards are designed to lower the likelihood of service issues, and increase quality and longevity. And if an issue does arise, our exclusive concierge level service gives you attentive, expert support and peace of mind.

Watchfire also has an exclusive partnership with Blip Billboards to make acquiring advertisers easier. The Watchfire Advertising Plan gives operators of digital billboards the opportunity to take advantage of pre-sold advertising that offsets the cost of a new Watchfire display. Billboard operators simply opt-in when placing their order by contracting one slot on their new board as part of the program. As an example, a billboard location with a daily effective circulation of 50,000 that accepts a three-year contract would get a nearly $20,000 reduction in the cost of a new Watchfire digital billboard, regardless of the billboard’s size.

We are known for building strong, long-term relationships, which makes your digital billboard purchase easy and profitable.

Customers speak with Watchfire territory managers at the base of a billboard structure.

Watchfire is the only digital billboard manufacturer you should consider partnering with. See why.

Watchfire will send an installation technician to the site of every billboard.

Learn more about our reputation in the out of home advertising industry.


Product Options True-12mm True-16mm True-19mm E-16mm
Pixel Density 576/module 324/module 256/module 162/module
Whole Sign Color Calibration Standard Standard Standard Standard
Automated Diagnostics Standard Standard Standard Standard
Cabinet Weight        
     Bulletin 14' x 48' 6870 lbs. 6200 lbs. 6200 lbs. 6200 lbs.
     Jr. Bulletin 10' x 36' 3360 lbs. 3300 lbs. 3300 lbs. 3300 lbs.
     Poster 11' x 22' 2420 lbs. 2200 lbs. 2200 lbs. 2200 lbs.
Electrical Service/Max Amps        
     Bulletin 14' x 48' 55 amps 45 amps 45 amps 55 amps
     Jr. Bulletin 10' x 36' 29 amps 23 amps 23 amps 29 amps
     Poster 11' x 22' 19 amps 16 amps 16 amps 19 amps

Watchfire LED sign products are UL 48 & CUL 48 listed, FCC compliant and UL Energy Efficiency Certified. Bulletin, Jr. Bulletin and Poster specifications refer to common sizes in the billboard industry. Your Watchfire billboard will be custom-built to your specific size requirement.