How to Structure a Corporate Program

We’ve worked with companies large and small to provide a messaging solution tailored to their unique situation. These are just a few of the best practices we recommend you adopt as you look to incorporate LED messaging into your overall marketing and advertising strategy.

  • Integrate with Marketing. We urge you to look at LED message centers as a marketing tool more than an infrastructure improvement. In fact, LED message centers are one of the most cost-effective and impactful advertising tools available today. As such, it’s important to incorporate the marketing team as you build your program. This will help you align existing and upcoming marketing campaigns with the messages you display
  • Establish Who Will Control the Messaging. Decide early who will be responsible for messaging creation. Many chains have found LED message centers to be a great way to advertise marketing campaigns and promotions that are also running on other media channels. You can match specials and promotions advertised on TV and radio with the messaging showing on your LED sign for maximum impact and seamless branding.
  • Select a Communication Option. Watchfire’s low-cost broadband wireless communication option will allow you to update any sign from any location giving you the greatest control over your messaging. This convenient communication method will also help you distribute artwork to multiple locations quickly and seamlessly.
  • Choose a Consistent Size and Sign Resolution. This will ensure your artwork can be used on all your displays without needing to adjust sizing and design. As you consider sign size, keep aspect ratio in mind, especially if you plan to your signs to display video. In addition to artwork considerations, using consistent sign sizes ensures a uniform look for all of your locations.
  • Take Advantage of Watchfire’s Complimentary Software Training. Our software trainer can teach your team how to make the most of your sign. The training will include an introduction to our proprietary Ignite content management system, along with message design guidelines to improve readability and messaging impact.
  • Corporate Approved Sign Content. Watchfire can partner with you for content creation. Corporate approved graphics and animations will give your digital signage campaigns and promotions maximum visual impact.

Make an investment in your corporate branding package by including a bold, powerful digital sign.

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