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With the ability for multi-tenant properties to advertise their property as a whole, as well as individual tenants, there’s no better tool for turning your location into the premiere destination. Multi-tenant properties are especially unique locations for outdoor digital signage because of the opportunity to generate revenue with paid advertising slots for your tenants. An LED sign can help make your property the most desirable and profitable location, and since many developers use percentage leases, increased sales results in increased rent revenues.

Illuminated tenant panels are no longer sufficient to attract customers, and if you are still using them, you are likely also struggling to fill leases with merchants. The next generation of signage for malls and shopping centers comes from indoor displays and outdoor signage. Ease of use, trackability of ads and ROI and lease incentives make digital signs the best solution for your location. Digital signs are easy to use and extremely effective. You can replace your entire monument with digital or simply add digital as a topper to your ID sign.

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“We bid this project to three different companies. When we saw the on-site demo with Forman Signs, it was obvious that the Watchfire product was sealed better, built better and had better image quality.  Our Watchfire sign is exactly what I thought...”
  • — Jack Fazio
  • General Manager, Montgomery Mall

Multi-Tenant | Malls | Shopping Centers Case Study Highlights

“Our Watchfire sign gives us good visibility and a high-end look. If we had to do it over again, we’d make our Watchfire sign even bigger.”

Saddlecreek Crossing is a shopping and entertainment development located in the CrossGate District of Wichita, KS. Originally anchored by a Kmart, the shopping center was acquired and reimagined by Triple Crown Realty in 2015. Revitalization efforts include a new facade and the marketing of out-parcels to new businesses.

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