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Communities and municipalities across the country have turned to LED signs to boost civic pride, promote tourism, and keep the public informed.

Indoor and outdoor LED signs can help you spread the word about local events and organizations, and bring in additional revenue with sponsorship and paid advertising space sold to local businesses.

A dynamic LED sign provides a launch pad for local businesses, leading to higher sales which results in higher tax revenues. Signage is an investment in your community that can attract businesses and jobs, and provide a unifying landmark.

LED technology has also been praised by fire and police stations for the ability to quickly broadcast important safety messages to a large area, and can serve as a public safety tool to alert the community about emergency situations.

Smart customers do their homework. Learn how to select an LED sign manufacturer in this guide.

“The Watchfire sign solution has paid off on many fronts. We know that it has had a huge impact on both our residential and commercial business. We are so happy with the solution that we will be implementing it into another development in the next year....”
  • — David Slyman, Jr.
  • Principal, Placemakers North America

Civic | Municipal Case Study Highlights

“We have seen an increase in participation in local community events."

Wainfleet City Hall located in Wainfleet, Ont., added a new LED display in front of their Township office after several years of planning. With a population of around 6,400, the small town attracts tourists visiting Niagara Falls, which is just 26 miles northeast.

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