Corporate Programs

Industry-leading reliability. Dynamic custom content. Brilliant visual displays. Solid partnership. These are the benefits of Watchfire’s comprehensive Corporate Programs for national accounts.

Watchfire provides high-quality LED sign messaging solutions to national brands throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America. National brands, both large and small, have chosen Watchfire to bring their advertising and branding to life with the flexibility and vibrancy of LED sign messaging. In partnership with our sign dealer partners, Watchfire’s LED signs have helped thousands of businesses increase traffic and sales and enhance their visibility in the community. We serve national brands in several major industries including convenience stores, retail and restaurants.

A signage program is much more than a capital improvement; it’s a dynamic, cost-effective advertising tool with proven results for turning eye-catching branding and advertising into profits. Yet, an LED sign’s advertising impact is only as good as its content. Our easy-to-use Ignite content management and diagnostics software streamlines sign messaging for one location, or many. Our sign networking capability and remote sign management enable you to control your sign network from a single computer. With our cloud-based Ignite OPx application, you can even manage indoor digital networks, or screens at the cash register or gas pump - so your entire on premise digital strategy can be controlled with one software suite. Our most powerful tool, the OPx editor, gives users the ability to create multi-frame messages with custom images to add a unique personalization to your content.

From innovative content management solutions to legendary sign durability, Watchfire's commitment to quality guides every aspect of our engineering and manufacturing process. Our signs don’t just look and perform great on the day they are installed, but for years in the field – minimizing repair and ownership costs while maximizing return on investment.

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“Signs right in front of our stores are so valuable for advertising multiple specials and reinforcing corporate advertising found in other forms of media. We can run several messages each day, mirroring corporate promotions. Our newest Watchfire 12mm sign stands out from everything around it....”
  • — Steve Milton
  • District Manager, NAPA Auto Parts

Corporate Programs Case Study Highlights

“People frequently mention seeing specials on the signs, even if they’re stopping at a different Subway in Decatur.”

Subway restaurants in Decatur, Illinois are becoming increasingly successful, thanks to the addition of LED message centers at select locations. Gary Haines, President of Decatur Subway, Inc. owns several Subway locations in the Decatur area, and he is sold on their impact, and Watchfire’s quality.

Make an investment in your corporate branding package by including a bold, powerful digital sign.

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