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Installing a Watchfire LED sign can help increase your restaurant’s visibility in the community, reign in your advertising costs and boost your profits.

Many restaurants use traditional manual letter boards to promote offers and announcements. There are numerous problems with manual reader boards, and we've helped many restaurants make the transition to digital.

Manual reader boards are difficult and time-consuming to change, prone to vandalism or changing letters around, and can be a safety hazard for employees. Outdoor digital signage improves upon the old manual boards by nearly eliminating the labor needed to update the sign and providing instantaneous relevant messaging.

LED signs offer a significantly safer, faster and more dynamic messaging tool with a proven track record of increasing foot traffic and boosting profits. With a Watchfire LED sign, you can tailor messages by time of day or season to create demand and excitement for popular items. Advertise breakfast specials in the morning and happy hour in the afternoon to give your messages timeliness and flexibility not available with other traditional forms of advertising.

Advancements in LED displays have encouraged many restaurant owners to switch from static to digital indoor signage to enhance the mood and welcoming atmosphere of their businesses. Watchfire interior displays can guide customers in their food options by recommending the most in-demand or higher profit margin food and drink pairings with vibrant images and custom graphics. Seamlessly update indoor and outdoor displays with pricing and menu changes using Ignite OPx content management software to program specials months in advance or make last-minute changes to reflect changes in inventory.

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“We have a small knit community; they love how Sea Ketch has been helping out with community slides. We use our Watchfire sign for external communicating, and we also display the time and temp as well as the ocean temperature. The Ignite software...”
  • — Kevin Brown
  • Owner, Sea Ketch Restaurant

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“Business owners considering installing a digital sign should just do it. The initial investment is higher compared to other sign options, but the benefits are well worth it.”

Bullock's Deli has been a beloved community establishment in Denton, MD, since 1976. Situated just a quarter-mile off Maryland 404, Bullock's Deli offers an extensive menu for eat-in or take-out, as well as Maryland Lottery services, hunting and fishing licenses, boat ramp stickers, Sunoco gas, and the area’s best hot fudge sundaes.

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