In retail businesses, competition for customers is stronger than ever. Local retailers and internet sites are all vying for the same consumer dollars. Attention spans are getting shorter at the same time customers are exposed to an increasing volume and variety of advertising messages. In today’s environment of advertising clutter, Watchfire offers a way for brick-and-mortar retail businesses to separate themselves from the noise while effectively targeting current and potential customers.

Interior digital signage entices customers, increases foot traffic, and boosts sales. These indoor LED video walls and point-of-purchase displays promote brand awareness and customer loyalty. Local shops, shopping centers, and department stores benefit from proximity marketing more than most businesses. Outdoor digital signs offer the flexibility, dynamic capabilities, and vibrant content that advance your marketing efforts to the next level.

From the store exterior to the checkout, Watchfire digital signs and displays attract and retain customers.

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“The sign’s size and clarity help us broadcast our store’s new products. People who travel by our store daily are stopping in for the first time because of the sign. Since the sign’s installation, our sales have increased 40%.”
  • — Jennifer Higgins
  • Store Manager, Boot Country

Retail Case Study Highlights

“After seeing our message advertising a trunk show, a woman who never bought from us before stopped in and purchased four items. That is an instant result!”

Windsor Jewelers has a rich history as North Carolina’s premier independent jewelry store, with two locations known for their beautiful contemporary, vintage and heirloom jewelry, as well as Swiss timepieces. The jeweler’s Winston-Salem store was one of the first businesses in the area to install a digital message center to reach motorists in this heavily-trafficked area. The retailer’s location is in a popular shopping, entertainment and banking district.

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