Fast Casual and Quick-Service Restaurants

Chain restaurants throughout the country, from McDonald's to Dunkin', are adopting outdoor digital reader boards and indoor LED displays to improve customer experience and increase sales.

The restaurant space is ever-changing, and new technologies like digital signage can have a big impact on your bottom line. As you work to stand out in the crowd, an engaging street-side digital reader board and an indoor LED display provide a dynamic and cost-effective digital advertising tool for reaching customers near your location who can act on your messages.

You can use a digital sign to display now-hiring messages, create demand for hot-selling products, and connect with your community. Enhance your brand by presenting a modern appearance and incorporating social media into your messaging. Digital signage allows you to easily schedule messages by dayparting to boost sales and increase profits.

Watchfire's cloud-based content management software, Ignite OPx, makes it easy to control messages for one sign or many from one location. Our free EasyArt library and intuitive design tools give you hundreds of options to promote your location. Use a digital reader board to match specials and promotions advertised on TV and radio for maximum impact and seamless branding.

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“Unlike traditional boards, which tether us to static messages for prolonged periods, Watchfire’s digital displays allow us to easily rotate messages in real-time—whether they’re national campaigns or region-specific—with attention-grabbing graphics...”
  • — Bayne Million
  • Marketing Officer, Wendy's of Bowling Green

Fast Casual and Quick-Service Restaurants Case Study Highlights

“Watchfire digital reader boards have revolutionized how we engage with our customers. Locations equipped with these boards consistently experience a notable uptick in foot traffic, underscoring their indispensability in our marketing strategy.”

Bojangles, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, has been serving delicious chicken and breakfast offerings throughout the Southeast for the past 50 years and now boasts more than 800 locations across 17 states.

Learn how to make your restaurant stand out with our free sales sheet to digital signage for quick-service restaurants.

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