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A church LED display is the perfect way for any faith-based organization to spread the word and increase membership. With an attention-grabbing LED sign, electronic message center or video wall display, your church can reach out with inspiration and excitement to your flock as well as the surrounding neighborhood and street traffic. Watchfire can create indoor or outdoor LED church signs to help you connect with your existing community and reach out to members of the public.

Outdoor LED Church Signs
Outside entrance signs offer a cost-effective way to invite the public to your place of worship. You can use this type of church sign to easily display service times and messages and increase your visibility in the community. The digital design makes it simple to update the information on your sign at a moment's notice. Church LED signs are incredibly effective at reaching the very people who are geographically close enough to act on your message immediately.

Church signs often become a landmark in their community, and passersby look forward to seeing your daily message. A Watchfire sign can be used to extend a warm welcome to newcomers, share daily or hourly affirmations with your whole community or communicate weddings, festivals, and special events. Many congregations use unique church sign sayings to connect through humorous, poignant, or inspiring quotes.

Indoor LED Church Displays
Indoor LED video walls have become the more colorful and often more affordable alternative to projection systems for sanctuaries. Whether you are displaying lyrics, live video, or worship theme graphics, a video wall from Watchfire is a beautiful way to engage your congregation at every service. In many cases, it can also be used to encourage participation from attendees or provide prompts for reflection or prayer.

Watchfire offers custom-built video walls and pre-assembled LED displays for churches that are both affordable and easy to install, allowing you to create a worship experience that's more interactive than ever before. Our signs for churches with reasonable prices display clear, full-color images and videos that make everyone in attendance feel included, even in high-capacity worship settings.

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“Our display has brought our messages daily to our local community. Since the addition of our display, our congregation has been more informed and more involved in our activities, and our food drives have been overwhelmingly attended, with so many...”
  • — Steve Yuke
  • Senior Pastor, Park Avenue Baptist Church

Churches | Places of Worship Case Study Highlights

“Our new Watchfire sign has attracted a surge in interest, particularly from younger families, resulting in increased attendance and membership growth.”

Hudsonville Congregational United Church of Christ, located in Hudsonville, MI, is a welcoming community church that values inclusivity and openness and has significant outreach to the LGBTQ community.

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