Professional Services

Professional service businesses offer expertise, which can be more challenging to market than tangible retail products. These include businesses like insurance agents, law offices, architectural firms, realtors, title companies, funeral homes, and repair and maintenance contractors. A Watchfire sign will connect the community to these businesses by providing more detail information on their individual services.

With an LED sign, you can promote services and establish yourself as a local expert. It is also a great place to mirror TV and print advertising. A digital sign at the entrance of a plaza or business park offers business units affordable seasonal and year-long advertising that brings in foot traffic.

Innovative service companies are investing in indoor LED displays, too. These video walls and signs help businesses tell their stories and create an atmosphere of trust and expert skill.

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“BCA is located on the busiest stretch of highway heading into Boston. It’s estimated that 100 thousand eyeballs pass our sign on a typical workday. We installed our Watchfire sign about 10 months ago and the response and results were immediate. We...”
  • — Dave McGeney
  • VP of Operations, BCA Associates

Professional Services Case Study Highlights

“Our new digital sign increases customer visibility on the road and we love that we can change our content on the fly to match our seasonal sales goals. It was a great investment for our business.”

Chas G. Burch Supply Co. has been outfitting homes in the Schenectady area with kitchen, bath, and plumbing supplies for five generations. Steeped in tradition, current owner Charles Craft took over the business from his grandfather in 2018.

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